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Justice & Honor Guild Rules

- Guild tag: J&H
- Guild name: Justice and Honor
- Guild Description: We are mature and honorable players who desire to have fun, develop skills and enhance the EL community. Trade bots: Nera and Emporium.

Guild Leadership

- J&H shall be managed by a council of 5 appointed members.
- Council members will be appointed by existing council members.
- All guild policy decisions will be decided by majority guild vote with the final approval in the hands of the council.
- Guild council shall handle day-to-day operations including: diplomatic relations, NAP/Ally negotiations, member conflicts, etc.
- Guild council members to meet once a month to discuss Guild business.

Application Requirements

- All applicants will be age 16 and over (exceptions may be made, but will be reviewed by the council on a case by case basis).
- All applicants must have one supplier skill (not attack/defence) at level 20 or above, excluding harvesting and overall.

How to apply:

1. Submit application on guild forums, or pm jvg, niemand, john_blund or Faxie in game.
2. An interview to assess suitability will be conducted by at least two (2) council members.
3. Successful applicants will be invited to join the guild.
4. A months trial period will then follow, at the end of which the applicant will be granted full membership.
5. When accepted into the guild, the new member will get rank 5, after 7 days he will get rank 6.

Code of Conduct

- Members of J&H should not use language that is offensive, racist or slanderous in public areas, on public channels or on the inter guild channel (#ig). #gm messages are more tolerant and are often adult in nature.
- Members of J&H shall not bag jump, scam, steal or act dishonorably.
- Members of J&H are expected to maintain a civil attitude towards all players in the game. If any problems arise with other players, please bring them to the councils' attention as soon as possible.
- Members of J&H shall check the guild forums regularly for guild news and other information.

- J&H members are permitted to pk as long as it is done in an honorable way.
- If you are attacked by a member of another guild you may defend yourself or attempt to flee. The choice is yours.
- Although it is preferable to return dbs, it is up to you if you choose to keep those of anyone who has attacked you.
- No Brods are permitted in guild. Neither are guild members permitted to leave the guild for the express purpose of revenging themselves against other players in an agressive manner.

Allowance of alts

- To have an alternative character in J&H, the main character has to be in this guild as well. We do not accept alts with a main character in an other guild.

Guild Events

- From time-to-time organized guild projects will be held.
- Participation in guild projects is optional, every guild member is welcome to join guild related projects
- Only those participating in guild projects will share in the profits/results. (Partial credit may be given to people who could not participate in the entire project).
- Guild events can mean many things, including hide and seek contests, silly olympics, training etc.